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water treatment and purification servicesDo you want a trusted company to help you get clean, safe water for your home? Look no further than Elder’s Pure Water! Our water specialists offer water treatment and purification services in Aledo and Weatherford, TX and surrounding areas. If you need water testing or treatment, call us at 817-901-7775.

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No matter what water treatment and purification services you need, make Elder’s Pure Water your first choice. If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call! Our expert water specialists are happy to answer your questions.

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Water Treatment And Purification Services

Our goal at Elder’s Pure Water is to provide you and your family with pure, clean water. Whether you get your water from a public supply or private well, our water specialists can help ensure its quality. We perform thorough testing to check levels of nitrates, metals, chemicals, bacteria, and more. While some amounts will probably appear, most contaminants are not harmful in limited doses. A large quantity over the federal maximum, however, may lead to health complications.

Not only can increased levels of contaminants make you sick, they can also cause problems for your plumbing. Higher levels of minerals, for example, leave behind deposits and scale buildup. This can clog or corrode your pipes, damage water-using appliances, and more. Or incorrect pH levels can cause leaching of toxins such as lead from pipes into your drinking water.

Avoid the danger of contaminated water; have your water tested today! Elder’s Pure Water provides comprehensive water testing services in Weatherford and Aledo, TX and nearby. If your water needs treatment, we will provide you with the best solution for your home and budget. You may need a simple water softener installation, or more aggressive ozone water purification.