Do I Really Need a Water Filtration System?

What does a whole house water filter remove?

A water filtration system or a whole house water treatment can benefit your household with what is thoroughly clean and beneficial water. When installed, you can rest assured that nothing negative will arise when the water in your home is consumed. With that said, some homeowners do not necessarily need a whole house water treatment. Signs that you do need one include: 

  • Deteriorating cloths and fabrics after the wash: graying and becoming rougher
  • Unpleasant smelling water
  • Appliances and dishes show staining 
  • Skin and hair dry out easily 
  • Lead or harmful particles are in your water
  • Plumbing system needs regular repairs
  • Water bill is higher than estimated

When these factors are present, the easiest way to discover if you need a whole house water treatment is through a professional water analysis. Most homeowners find themselves not necessarily needing a whale house filter, treatment however can be applied in the form of a carbon filter or water softener among other devices that improve the water you drink if not entirely purify it. When placed on your water system, it does wonders for the entire family and can absolutely be beneficial to the home. When you need a whole house water treatment, call 817-901-7775 today to schedule an appointment with Elder's Pure Water in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX.

Are whole house water filtration systems worth it?

It is proven that when you do not have measures in place to filter or improve your water, it becomes hard on not only your body but everything it comes into contact with. Dishes, clothes, machines that regularly interact with your less or unfiltered water will deteriorate at a faster rate than expected. That changes with a whole house water treatment, which can be as simple as adding a carbon filter or as monumental as adding several additions to your water system throughout the home. Whereas unfiltered or partly filtered water will have the mentioned effect on clothing and dishes, filtered water improves the lifespan of all things that encounter the filtered water across the board. Furthermore, you can get benefits from your system such as:

  • Being able to drink at the tap
  • Save money on repairs for your plumbing system
  • Reduce toxins that enter the body through water consumption

However, when answering the question of if the system is worth it, it must be understood that two factors must be taken into account: the state of the drinking water and the water pressure. If the former results in a poor quality of water, a whole house water filtration system are absolutely worth it. However, the system can reduce water pressure thanks to the additions it will add that create more gates for the water to pass through. While there are measures to counteract this without having to take away from the filtration.

How do whole house water filters work?

For homeowners that own wells, the knowledge of how a whole house water treatment or filtration system works is relatively common. However, many homeowners are not familiar with the inner workings due to that it is not as well known in urban areas due to the systems already being installed. Such parts of the system can include:

  • Water softeners: A system and technique that removes the calcium and magnesium from the incoming water. 
  • UV water purifiers: Exposes the water to ultraviolet wavelengths, killing bacteria and viruses.
  • Carbon filters: A form of filtering that has activated carbon remove and absorb several particles from the incoming water. 

Among other parts, the pieces of the water filtration system are designed and appropriately named to filter the incoming water. Each piece is placed to benefit the home water system whether it’s source is a well or the system that also provides to other homeowners in a neighborhood or city. 

What is the best whole house water filtration system?

The answer to whether a whole house water treatment or filtration is necessary depends on the home and the homeowner. If you have healthy water in your home thanks to what you have already put in place or what was installed for you, it may not be. However, if your water is constantly poor or hard, it can be absolutely necessary for the improvement of your health and the working lifespan of all products you have in your home that interact with the water. 

The best whole house filtration system, therefore, will be a mix of the parts mentioned that combine to give you truly beneficial water that not only is safe to consume but also is beneficial in every way. Soft water, for example, saves soap and will hydrate your skin far better than hard water ever will. When it is carbon filtered, you stand very little chance of getting anything harmful into your body by way of the water you consume in your home. With that said, most main water lines get the job done appropriately, but that’s not to say it cannot be improved with the systems that make up a whole house water filtration system. When you need any of the systems mentioned or water purification services, call 817-901-7775 today to schedule your appointment. Elder's Pure Water in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX is ready to help.