Is well water safer than city water?

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Clean source of water for your home

We need water, it is a natural resource that we use every day. Water can be obtained in different ways and how we use the water is affected by the way we get our water. The most common ways we obtain water is by bottled water, filtered water, tap water, or well water.  Each of these are self-explanatory as to where they come from, but how much do you know about well water? The bottled, filtered, and tap water are treated before they get to you, but did you know well water is too? Is well water treatment necessary? 

If you live in a rural area, you probably have a water well on your property. Smaller towns supply their residents with well water that goes through a local aquifer. In general, well water doesn’t need as much treatment than the water that comes from a water tap, because it comes from the ground. The water from the round is from deep into the ground, below the soil and underlying rock. It is the rock and soil that provides a natural well water treatment. 

Following we have several questions about well water, water well and treatment, mostly about safety concerns. At the end of this article, there should be a better understanding of well water and how important well water treatment is for everyday use. 

Is it safe to drink well water?

When your home has a private water well, treatment of the water for quality and safety are your responsibility. No matter what type of well water treatment you have, it will smell and taste different than water that cities provide their residents because of how it is processed and treated. 

Bathing, cleaning, and laundry can be affected differently when using well water versus city water. Being on well water isn’t as rare as many of us thing. There are over fifteen million homes in the United States on well water, treatment is done to keep make it safe for consumption and use. 

What are the benefits of well water?

Water wells are created by drilling a deep hole in the ground so that a pump can access an underground aquifer and send that water to your house. Once that water reaches your home you can expect two major benefits from well water: 

  • No Water Bill: Because you are pulling the water your home is using from the ground through a private well, the only monthly bill you’ll see is the electric bill for the pump’s power. 
  • Fresher Water: Well water comes through an underground aquifer, making it cleaner than the water that comes from run-offs or surface water. It has more healthy minerals and nutrients that are good for adults and children, and the mineral content makes the water taste better. 
  • Protection: Well water is protected from most contamination possibilities  during natural disasters like floods. Or when the city’s water supply is disrupted, a water well is immune to those issues. 

There are some concerns about well water, well justified, but with regularly testing and proper well water treatment, those concerns are eliminated. Because it is private well water, treatment for things like bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and parasites needs to be performed on a strict routine. With that routine in place, and the addition of a whole house water filter, your well water will be just a healthy as city water, but fresher! 

Can you drink boiled well water?

While the water supply here in the United States is one of the safest in the world, various sources where water is pulled from can become contaminated. Arsenic along with other chemicals and minerals can make our water unsafe, especially well water. Treatment of city water versus well water is different, and with well water being the responsibility of the home and property owner, may not be treated as recommended. 

Because we cannot see those harmful bacteria, contaminates, and parasites with our eyes, we can’t see if the water is unsafe.  If you are unsure about whether well water treatment has been done or not, it is wise to take precautions. Boiling well water, even tap water, is a sure method to kill any possible disease-causing bacteria, parasites, viruses, or other organisms.

Can your well water make you sick?

Absolutely! However, tap water can make you sick too if treatment has been jeopardized. There is  well water treatment for bacteria and other contaminates like E-coli and other microorganisms that are known to cause disease and illness.  If you or anyone in your household is feeling any of the following symptoms, contact a water well company to test your water: 

  • flu-like symptoms  
  • fever 
  • abdominal pain like cramps
  • diarrhea and/or nausea 
  • fatigue and loss of energy 

Sadly, these can be symptoms to many things, but with medical attention to check the symptoms, it can be narrowed down. Regardless of what the result of medical testing show, it is recommended to have your well water treatment reviewed and the water itself tested by a professional to assure there is nothing in the well water contributing to these issues. 

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Is well water safe to shower in?

Yes, and overall, well water is better for your skin because it is gentler. This leaves you with fewer skin conditions like acne and it reduces inflammation instances. Well water treatments are important to healthy water for consuming, but because it doesn’t go through all the processing that city water does, it has more of the healthy minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to the body, inside out.

When choosing to go with well water, chose a well water treatment without salt. These water conditioners on the market today are available in a salt-free system. This salt-free system will reduce that chalky substance and limescale buildup, aka hard water spots, leaving you with cleaner looking dishes, laundry, and a cleaner you after a bath or shower. For your water purification needs, call 817-901-7775 today.