Water Treatment And Water Purification In Aledo and Weatherford, TX

Do you want clean, safe drinking water? Eliminate hard water problems and contaminants with water treatment and water purification from Elder’s Pure Water! Our water specialists provide reliable solutions for you and your home. Call 817-901-7775 for water treatment and water purification in Weatherford and Aledo, TX.

Enjoy Pure, Safe Water

water treatment and water purificationHundreds of different contaminants make their way into our water supply through the soil, metal pipes, runoff, and rain. Many are harmless, even beneficial, in small amounts. However, increased levels can cause a variety of health and plumbing problems. Coliform bacteria and toxic chemicals can cause serious illness or worse. It is essential to make sure your water contains appropriate levels of these metals, minerals, and more.

Let Elder’s Pure Water help you ensure the safety and quality of your water. We offer a variety of water treatment and water purification services in Aledo and Weatherford, TX, including:

Water Testing

If you get your water from a public supply, you should not need to perform your own testing. However, if you use a private well, you must test your own water, at least once a year. It’s advised to test your water if you notice any changes (taste, smell, color), perform well repairs, or experience environmental changes such as flooding or nearby drilling.

Water Softener Installation

Struggling with hard water deposits? Your pipes and water heater probably are too. Scale buildup in your pipes and water-using appliances can cause serious damage over time. Consider installing a water softener to reduce plumbing damage, pesky calcium deposits, and other hard water frustrations.

Water Filtration System Installation

Every home deserves clean and pollutant free water for consumption and use. Water filtration systems remove contaminants and damaging particles, giving you safe and clean water. Elder’s Pure Water installs reverse osmosis systems and peroxide systems for our customers to ensure they receive only the best filtration and water.

Ozone Water Purification

The most common method of water purification across the globe, ozonation is highly effective. Ozone water purification works by infusing ozonated bubbles into your water, oxidizing metals and inactivating many bacteria and other contaminants. The ozone reverts back to more stable oxygen, leaving no chemicals, bad taste, or odors.

We also provide your home with repair and installation services for pressure tanks, storage tanks, and booster pumps. Have a question about one of our services and how water treatment and water purification can benefit your home in Weatherford, TX and Aledo, TX? Give Elder’s Pure Water a call today at 817-901-7775 to speak with our water specialists!

Our Commitment To You

The water specialists at Elder’s Water Purification care about you and your family. Everyone should have safe, clean water in their homes, and we can help you achieve that. Feel free to call and learn more about our services and products!

If you have concerns about your water quality, please call us at 817-901-7775 for help. We serve several counties near Weatherford and Aledo, TX, including Parker, Johnson, Hood, Wise, and Tarrant.