Water Softener Installation

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn hard water stains and scale buildup? You may need a water softener or descaler to help reduce the minerals in your water. Call Elder’s Pure Water for water softener installation in Aledo and Weatherford, TX at 817-901-7775!

How Does A Water Softener Work?

water softenerWhen you have a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water, you get “hard water.” You usually can’t tell the level of water hardness just by looking at it; however, hard water leaves several signs. You may notice that it’s hard to lather soap on dishes or in the shower, and those pesky white spots on your dishes are mineral deposits left behind. There’s generally no hazard to your health when it comes to hard water, but it can cause severe plumbing problems and expensive repairs.

So how do you get those minerals out of your water supply? This is where a water softener comes into play. There are various models, but most home water softeners use salt to remove calcium and other minerals from your water. The water softener tank contains plastic beads charged with sodium ions. When water passes through the tank, the sodium ions switch places with the magnesium and calcium ions.

After enough water flows through your softener, the beads soak in a high concentration of sodium chloride (salt water) to recharge. While recharging, softened water will be unavailable unless you have a two-tank system. In this case, one tank recharges while the other softens your water. Many single tank systems recharge at night when you use less water, but this can be adjusted if needed.

Get Pure Water Today!

For professional water softener installation in Weatherford and Aledo, TX, look no further than Elder’s Pure Water. Our professional water experts can install your new system and answer any questions you have. We also provide water testing and water purification.

Don’t let hard water wreck your plumbing, skin, or dishes any longer; call Elder’s Pure Water today for water softener installation in Aledo and Weatherford, TX at 817-901-7775.