Elders Pure Water has fantastic service & great products!! John is a great guy and truly takes care of his customers.
Have used for 5 plus years with absolutely no complaints! If any problems crop up, they are here as fast as the situation warrants!
Elder's Pure Water will make even the hardest water great! Extends the life of all of your water using appliances, including water heater, dish washer and clothes washer.
Joey from Elder's Pure Water came yesterday and installed our new Reverse Osmosis water purification system. We enjoyed getting to know him and he did a...
I want to thank and recommend with for installing a water softener system into the Legacy Empowerment Center. We have extremely hard water and the building is only a couple of months old but I was seeing waterlines and a ring in the toilet like it was a nasty, old toilet. I couldn't believe how quickly it was eroding the fixtures. John will do a free water test to let you know about your water. It is a smart investment for your home. I consider John a friend and someone you can trust. I am extremely thankful for knowing that our investment has one more layer of protection.
We have had the pleasure of working with John and highly recommend Elder's Pure Water!! They are very knowledgeable and easy work to with. Give them a call and get your water tested!
Great company to work with. I shop sub contractors for a construction company and issue purchase orders all day everyday and this is one of my favorite companies to deal with. Their service and price point are good and I have not received a complaint from one of our 8 superintendents.
Best prices and service warranty out of all the companies I interviewed. The guys who came out and installed my system were awesome.Elders Pure Water is now my water treatment company for life. Thank you for your great service and time answering my questions.
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