Water Treatment in Weatherford, TX

Water is used in just about every task or project within your home, from bathing to cooking. Let the Elder's Pure Water professionals install a home water treatment system that provides pure, healthy water for your family’s many activities. We offer both under-the-sink and whole house systems so you know you are always receiving the precise filtration you’re looking for. No matter what type of water treatment system you’re looking for, our pros can help. Discover your options for home water filtration in Weatherford, TX by calling the Elder's Pure Water pros at 817-901-7775.

Your Home’s Water Filtration Selections

Ask Our Experts Which System is Right for You.

Our Water Treatment Service Remove Contaminants to Deliver Better Tasting, Healthier Water.

The water in your home could have metals from traveling inside old or worn water pipes, chemical residue and other byproducts from previous water treatment, and even bacteria, parasites, and viruses acquired from leaky or cracked pipes. These contaminants can contribute to stains and discoloration on clothes and dishes, and also health problems and dry skin. Whether you’re looking for under-the-sink system or a whole home treatment model, our experts can identify the best style for you. Though we offer almost any types of filtration systems, including alkaline and infrared systems, we specialize in carbon filtration systems which eliminate the most particles out of any home water filtration system. Ask our experts if a carbon filter is right for your Weatherford, TX home.

Carbon Filtration Systems

Carbon filtration is the most comprehensive type of home water filtration available and can eliminate almost every type of particle. Carbon can be used in both whole house filtration systems that clean your water before it enters your home’s pipes, or in under-the-sink models that offer concentrated treatment of one faucet. Carbon filtration systems are easy to maintain and typically need little more than periodic filter changes. Call the Elder's Pure Water team today at 817-901-7775 to learn more about carbon filtration and your other home water filtration options in Weatherford, TX.

Ozone and Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems

If you need more than simply filtration for your home’s water, consider the benefits of water purification. Purification systems use multiple processes to ensure totally purified water. Ozonation is a chemical process that introduces ozone, or H2O2, into your water which attracts all particles, removing them from your system. Reverse osmosis is a carbon-based purification system that uses a system of filters in conjunction with a semipermeable membrane to eliminate all contaminants from your water supply. The Elder's Pure Water specialists will install your water purification system or any other type of home water filtration system in the Weatherford, TX area to deliver clean, great tasting water to your family.

The Softer Side of Your Water

If you have issues with stains or discoloration on your clothes and dishes, calcium buildup on your faucets, or even dry, itchy skin, you may have a hard water problem. As it passes through pipes and heated sources, water can oftentimes pick up a large amount of calcium. This calcium attaches to your clothing, dishes, and faucets, leading to fading, buildup, and premature aging. Water softeners work to prevent these problems by removing calcium and magnesium from your water almost completely. Water softeners will provide calcium free water to your home, leaving better tasting, healthier water. Discover more benefits of water softeners in Weatherford, TX by calling 817-901-7775 to speak with the Elder's Pure Water professionals.

Professional Water Testing

Our experts can complete a comprehensive water assessment to help you identify everything that’s contaminating your home’s water. We will discuss your results with you and deliver real, affordable home water filtration methods. speak with us today at 817-901-7775 to schedule your water test and begin the journey to purer, better tasting water.

  • Testing for Bad Water Find out what particles are in your water and which system will be most beneficial to your home’s needs.
  • Water Softener Our experts offer many types of systems to eliminate hard water in your home.
  • Water Booster Pumps When you are experiencing low water pressure, a booster pump may be what you’re looking for to help.
  • Water Pressure Tanks Store your clean water with optimal water pressure.

Your water may be a factor in your faded clothing, faucet buildup, or your dry and itchy skin. Contact our experts now at 817-901-7775 to find out how Elder's Pure Water can help you identify the ideal home water filtration system to use in your Weatherford, TX home.