Water Treatment in Keller, TX

Your home’s water supply is used for just about every task your family completes, from bathing and cleaning to cooking and laundry. Make sure it’s always clean, pure, and great tasting with a water treatment system provided by the Elder's Pure Water professionals. We offer both under-the-sink and whole house systems so you can rest assured you are always receiving the precise system you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for concentrated under-the-sink filtration or you need whole house water treatment, our experts have the ideal home water filtration system for you. Learn more about your options for home water filtration around Keller, TX by calling the Elder's Pure Water technicians at 817-901-7775.

Cleaner, Healthier Water

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Our Water Treatment Service Remove Contaminants to Deliver Better Tasting, Healthier Water.

The water that’s in your home could harbor contaminants like metal fragments picked up through travel in water pipes, bacteria, parasites, and organic residue from leaks and cracks in pipes that let in outside matter, and even chemicals and byproducts left behind during water treatment. These contaminants can cause multiple problems like stained or discolored clothes and dishes, dry skin and other health problems, as well as buildup on your faucets and fixtures. The Elder's Pure Water team strives to identify the best home water filtration system for your Keller, TX home that offers pure, healthy water when you want it. Though all water filtration methods deliver particle removal, carbon filters offer the most substantial decontamination rate of any type of filtration system. To learn more about carbon filtration or to find out about other types of filtration methods, speak with our experts at 817-901-7775.

Carbon Filtration Systems

Carbon filtration eliminates the most particles out of any filtration kind. These systems come in point of use models for filtration that’s focused on one faucet, or they can be point of entry to filter your entire home’s water supply before it’s delivered to your pipes. Carbon filtration systems are also simple to maintain, usually requiring only filter replacement for lasting performance. Find out more about your home water filtration selection in Keller, TX, including carbon filtration, by calling 817-901-7775 to speak with the Elder's Pure Water experts.

Ozone and Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems

If you want a more comprehensive purification than than water filtration, consider the advantages of water purification. These systems use a system of separate filters to deliver completely purified water. Ozone water purification is a new offer in home water purification that adds an additional oxygen molecule to produce ozone which attracts even the smallest contaminants for elimination. Another popular method of purification is reverse osmosis, which uses a series of carbon filters in conjunction with a semipermeable membrane to eliminate all contaminants from your water. The Elder's Pure Water technicians are able to install your purification system quickly and affordably, delivering superior water filtration to your Keller, TX home.

The Softer Side of Your Water

When your home has hard water, you may notice stains or discoloration on your clothes or dishes, dry, itchy skin, and buildup on your faucets and fixtures. Sometimes, as water travels through municipal pipes and your home’s water heater, it picks up too much calcium and magnesium. This calcium attaches to your clothing, dishes, and faucets, causing fading, buildup, and premature aging. Water softeners are able to alleviate these minerals from your water, eliminating the issues. These systems deliver cleaner, gentler water for your family. Discover more benefits of water softeners in Keller, TX by calling 817-901-7775 to set up your appointment with the Elder's Pure Water professionals.

Professional Water Testing

Our experts can perform a comprehensive water assessment to help you learn everything that’s lurking in your home’s water. We will work with you, offering feasible, affordable solutions to deliver cleaner, purer water for your home. Call us now at 817-901-7775 to make an appointment for your water test.

  • Testing for Bad Water Find out exactly what’s in your water and the ideal treatment to eliminate it.
  • Water Softener When your house has hard water, our technicians can provide a solution.
  • Water Booster Pumps Low water pressure is annoying and time-consuming. Let our technicians help.
  • Water Pressure Tanks Find out how these tanks store purified water and offer optimal water pressure.

No matter if your home operates off of municipal or well water, you could have dangerous organisms and particles in your water supply. Learn the ways a home water filtration system can benefit your Keller, TX home by contacting the Elder's Pure Water experts at 817-901-7775.