Solutions for Bad Tasting and Odorous Water

Why Does My Water Taste Bad?

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If the water out of your taps has begun to taste or smell foul, you will naturally feel concerned. However, while hazardous causes for bad tasting and smelly water do exist, the more common reasons are relatively harmless. Regardless, if your water tastes bad, you will want a quick solution. Since there are over 300 contaminants regularly identified in U.S. water supplies, you will need to identify the right water purification expert for water treatment and better water. At Elder's Pure Water, we proudly provide clients solutions for better water in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX. To learn more or schedule service, call 817-901-7775 today.

The color of your water provides an important indicator of its contaminant. If the water from your tap seems off, compare it to the following shades to determine the affliction.

White or Milky: White or milky, clouded water most often develops when your water line contains trapped air. If you set a glass of water aside, you will eventually see bubbles rise to the top. This denotes the release of trapped air, and your water should accordingly clear up. If it does not, then the cause of your milky water is most likely sediment that has somehow seeped into your line. For repair of this problem, you’ll need a professional plumber.

Yellow or Orange: This color develops when water is contaminated with small amounts of rust. Though this sounds harmful, it actually is not. Rust forms from the combination of oxygen and iron, harmless elements that make for frequent guests in tap water. While usually safe to drink, you may still want to call a plumber. If rust does exist in your water, it suggests that your water line may have begun to degrade.

Brown or Black: Water that appears brown or black generally indicates degraded pipes. It can also occur when municipal authorities open a nearby hydrant, or if water use suddenly surges through local pipes. If brown water only appears from your hot tap, then you have a problem with your water heater. Brown tap water can appear from the decay of cast iron piping, while black water indicates lead piping. You can generally drink the former, though it may have a foul taste; if the latter, you want to avoid it altogether.

If your smelly water tastes bad, there can exist a couple of additional causes. If your water comes from a reservoir or lake, a seasonal algae bloom can represent the harmless cause of strange smells or tastes. If you water smells like sewage, do not drink it. You could have problems with backflow, a phenomenon where water flows in reverse through your pipes. If you suspect this, then you need to call a plumber immediately. Backflow-polluted water definitely presents a health concern.

Solutions for Improved Water

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We Offer Permanent Solutions for Better Tasting Water.

At Elder's Pure Water, we provide a host of solutions for better water in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX.

Carbon Filtration: Carbon filters will leave you with great tasting water free of any smells. These filters eradicate any organic compounds, such as algae, and also metals, chemicals, and harmful toxins.

Faucet Treatment: If you only feel as if you need purified water through specific taps, we can install focused solutions for better water. These devices install quickly and are easy to maintain.

Whole House Treatment: If your smelly water is problematic around the house, consider the installation of a whole house treatment system. These devices help ensure that all of your water, whether used for drinking, bathing, or cleaning, is free of bad smell and tastes.

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If your water tastes bad, or if smelly water afflicts your sense of smell, trust the experts at Elder's Pure Water for ready solutions. We offer water treatment solutions for better water our of every tap. To learn more, ask questions, or schedule service, call us today at 817-901-7775.