What Does a Water Booster Pump Do?

A Water Booster Pump Helping Water Flow to Faucet

Water Booster Pumps for Houses

Dealing with low water pressure can be a real challenge. It can make basic chores such as cleaning the dishes, watering the lawn, and other tasks that much more difficult to effectively complete. There are several reasons that you may be experiencing low water pressure, but there is one tried and true solution: water booster pumps. They are a compact and reliable option for homeowners that are struggling with low water pressure and water flow. To learn more about a water booster pump for Aledo and Fort Worth, TX properties, give Elder's Pure Water a call. We can help you identify the best pump as well as with installation services. Dial 817-901-7775 to get started.

Water Booster Pump

How do Water Booster Pumps Work?

Before getting into how the pump works, it’s important to understand what a water booster pump is. This is a pump that can be added to increase the flow and pressure of water coming from a tank to a faucet or shower head. Why does anyone need a booster pump? There are a host of reasons that could cause low-water pressure and the subsequent need for a boost. 

  • Gravity
  • Distance from tank
  • Low city water pressure
  • And more

So how does the pump work, exactly? These pumps are kind of like a fan for your water flow. Like a fan has blades that increase air movement, a booster uses an impeller to significantly increase water flow and pressure as it leaves the water tank. It’s important to note here that low water pressure can be caused by damaged pipes. Installing a water booster will not provide results if you have seriously damaged plumbing. You will need to schedule an appointment for broken pipe repair before you can experienced increased water pressure otherwise you risk further damage to your pipes.

Benefits of a Water Booster Pump

If you have been considering a booster pump for your home, you are in for a real treat. Water booster pumps are a great way to improve several water functions in your home. There are a variety of water booster pump types to pick from, so it can feel overwhelming to know which one to choose. That being said, there are similar benefits you can experience with any pump. 

  • Increased Pressure: Of course, as we’ve mentioned multiple times, you’ll experience significantly increased water pressure. That’s what this pump is designed and meant to do. 
  • Boost in Supply: Along with increased pressure, you’ll notice there is just more water. This will allow you to enjoy a longer, steadier stream of water in the shower or bath. This is a great benefit if you have a lot of guests staying at the house. 
  • Easy Installation: Booster pumps are incredibly easy to install. They are small and just as easy to transport. You won’t have to make plans for a big, complicated installation. 
  • Improved Everything: With better pressure and water flow, you’ll notice that simple things such as doing the dishes, watering the lawn, etc., are easier and less of a hassle to tackle. 

There is a difference between a water booster pump vs water pump. The booster is going to boost the water pressure flowing through your plumbing. The water pump is the actual pump that pushes water to a house if you have a private water source. You can use a booster pump in conjunction with a water pump if the water has to flow uphill, if it’s coming from a main city water line, and in other areas. When you need help with any water services, rely on Elder's Pure Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a water booster pump do? 
    • A water booster pump increases the amount of water pressure flowing from a water tank to a home or commercial property. Sometimes, water pressure can be too low or decrease over time. 
  • Why do you need a water booster pump?
    • You may need a booster pump if you notice the water pressure in your home is too low. This pump will help increase and regulate the pressure of water flow from a tank to the rest of a house or commercial property. 
  • What is a water pressure booster?
    • This is a booster pump that increases low water pressure and flow. The pump will increase water pressure to a desired level. It can be installed for residential or commercial water tanks. 
  • Can I increase the water pressure in my house?
    • Yes, you can. You can increase it by installing a water booster pump. This pump will help to increase the water pressure if it is too low. For the installation, it is best to rely on professional plumbers to ensure accurate services. 
  • What is the best water booster pump?
    • There are several water booster pump types, but ones from brands such as Simer, Davey Water Products, BurCam and Hayward are considered some of the best. They are highly-rated and loved by both property owners and plumbers. 
Use a Water Booster Pump With a Water Pump

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