What is the Best Well Water Treatment System?

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How Do Well Water Treatment Systems Work?

If you’ve ever asked, “Why does my well water smell?” or “Why does my well water taste funny?” then it might be time to invest in a water treatment system. For homeowners whose primary source of water is from a well, its worth it to think about well water treatment. Water treatment for well water is when your well water is treated for certain contaminants, leaving you with safe and clean water to drink. The way that works is by either having a point-of-use or a point-of-entry water treatment system that will remove impurities before you turn on the faucet. Well water treatment for drinking, cleaning, and washing clothes has never been easier, as it gives homeowners a lot more peace of mind. There are several brands that have water treatment devices for well water, which are 3M, Abundant Flow Water, APEC Water Systems, BLUONICS, GREENSAND, and iSpring. Determining which is the best water treatment system will depend on your personal preferences. Luckily, when you work with a water treatment company, they can help you find the best treatment for your well water.

Well Water Treatment Methods

When choosing the best water treatment system for your well water, you will want to decide between point-of-use and point-of-entry. Point-of-use is a system that will provide water in small quantities at a time that will come through your faucet. Point-of-entry is installed at the water line, meaning when it enters the home, it will already be treated. In addition to choosing between point-of-use and point-of-entry, there are also many water treatment options to choose from for your well water. How is well water treated? Here are some popular water treatment systems for well water.

  • Water Disinfection Systems: With disinfection systems, they use chlorination, ultraviolet, electronic radiation and other methods to kill and get rid of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Water Distillation Systems: The way that this system works is by boiling your water, then collecting and condensing the steam, removing the impurities entirely from the water.
  • Water Filtration Systems: There are several types of water filtration systems such as activated charcoal, reverse osmosis, UV filters, and multi-stage filters. They all work by passing through a material that will chemically remove the contaminants in your water.
  • Water Softener Systems: This is necessarily a way to filter out contaminants or impurities from your well water, but if you are having issues with hard water, then a water softener system is able to reduce hard water.

You don’t have to choose what type of water treatment system will be best for your well water–if you call a water treatment company, they will be able to provide you with options and offer you the best solution based on your budget and needs.

How Often Should You Treat Your Well Water?

If you are concerned that your well water has contaminants or impurities, then you might consider testing your well water. When this option is presented to people they typically ask, “How can I test my well water?” if you call your health department or a water treatment company, they will be able to test your well water. What they can test for is chloride, coliform bacteria, hard water, fluoride, inorganic substances, iron, manganese, nitrates, and sulfate. Another thing that people ask when it pertains to testing their well water is, “How often should you test well water?” If you have a private well, then you will want to have it tested annually. Well water is more susceptible to contamination, so it’s important that someone comes out and tests the water every single year. Whoever tests your well water, they will need to test at the source, as well as at the tap. Testing in both areas will ensure that the quality of your well water is good and that any water treatment system you are using is actually working. If you think your well water needs to be tested, then call your health department or water treatment company!

Well Water Filtration and Treatment Systems

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Find Out More!

If you have a well and you are interested in a water treatment, then its important to find a water treatment company in your area that can help you. You wouldn’t go to just anyone for air conditioning service, so you shouldn’t choose just anyone when choosing a water treatment system for your well water. A water treatment company will be able to let you know if point-of-use or point-of-entry is better for you or if water filtration, disinfection, or distillation is the right system for you. For more information about well water treatment in Aledo and Fort Worth, TX, please call Elder's Pure Water! We are here to offer professional water services that will ensure your well water is safe and clean to drink. Give us a call today at 817-901-7775 to discuss your options and to make an appointment.